10 Works, December 114th. is Viktor Madarász’s day, his art, illustrated with footnotes #249

Artist Victor Madaras
Hungarian Queen Isabella Jagiellonian receives a Turkish envoy, c. 1879

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Isabella Jagiellon was the oldest child of Polish King Sigismund I the Old, the Grand Duke of Lithuania and his Italian wife Bona Sforza. In 1539, she married John Zápolya, Voivode of Transylvania and King of Hungary, becoming Queen consort of Hungary. At the time Hungary was contested between Archduke Ferdinand of Austria who wanted to add it to the Habsburg domains, local nobles who wanted to keep Hungary independent, and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent who saw it as a vassal state of the Ottoman Empire. While Isabella’s marriage lasted only a year and a half, it did produce a male heir — John Sigismund Zápolya born just two weeks before his father’s death in July 1540. She spent the rest of her life embroiled in succession disputes on behalf of her son…

Viktor Madarász (14 December 1830–10 January 1917) was a Hungarian painter in the Romantic style. He is best known for historical scenes and portraits.

He was born in Csetnek, and descended from an impoverished noble family originating in Gömör és Kis-Hont County. His father, András, was an iron manufacturer and craftsman. Originally, he was destined for a career in law and went to study in Pozsony…

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