22 Works, October 21st. is Domenico Zampieri’s day, his art, illustrated with footnotes #224

Domenichino (1581–1641) (after)
The Martyrdom of Saint Andrew

Oil on canvas
H 33.5 x W 43.5 cm
University of Edinburgh

Andrew is said to have been martyred by crucifixion at the city of Patras (Patræ) in Achaea. Early texts describe Andrew as bound, not nailed, and crucified on a cross of the form called crux decussata, now commonly known as a “Saint Andrew’s Cross”

Scene of the martyrdom of Saint Andrew with stuggling figures and a mounted figure on the left. This painting is a late seventeenth- or early eighteenth-century copy after an engraving of Domenichino’s fresco of this subject on the vault of Sant’Andrea della Valle in Rome, painted in 1622–1627. These frescoes were Domenichino’s most extensive Roman commission for which he vied with rival, Giovanni Lanfranco. Saint Andrew was martyred at Patras. He asked that he should be crucified on an ‘X’ shaped cross as he considered himself to be unworthy to die in the same manner as Jesus. More on this painting

Domenico Zampieri (October 21, 1581 — April 6, 1641), known by the diminutive Domenichino after his shortness, was an Italian Baroque painter of the Bolognese School of painters…

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