06 Photographs, The Art Of The Nude, Playboy’s Raquel Welch in her blue bikini, with footnotes # 113

Chris von Wangenheim
Reflection, Raquel Welch, Playboy, c. 1979

Private collection

Chris von Wangenheim was born in Breig, in what was then a war-torn East Prussia, in 1942. His father was an officer in the German Army who died in Soviet captivity in 1953. This tragedy would go on to inform his son’s dark nature. By this time von Wangenheim was living in the Bavarian mountains with his mother and sister and, inspired by a photographer living in the upstairs flat, had developed a burgeoning interest in photography. Von Wangenheim carried this fascination with him into adulthood. In 1965 he relocated to New York City to kickstart his own career. He got his start as an assistant for Harper’s Bazaar photographer James Moore, and as a result secured a few pages in the magazine…

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