08 works, Today, November 24th, is Saint Mercurius is also known as Abu-Seifein’s (أبو سيفين) day, her story, illustrated #327

Manuel Panselinos
Saint Mercurius, also known as Abu-Seifein’s (أبو سيفين), between 1290 and 1310

I have no further description, at this time

Mercurius (d. AD 250) was a Christian saint and a martyr. He was born in the city of Eskentos in Cappadocia, Turkey.

His parents were converts to Christianity and they called him “Philopater”. They reared him in a Christian manner. When he was17 he enlisted in the Roman army during the days of Emperor Decius, the pagan. He gained a great reputation among his superiors as a swordsman and a tactician in many battles.

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08 works, Today, October 26th, is Martyr Saint Demetrius’ day, his story illustrated #297

Manuel Panselinos the Great Iconographer
Martyr Saint Demetrius, circa 1290

Church of Protaton on Mount Athos

Martyr Demetrius, the Outpourer of Myrrh, was a native of Thessalonica, born of noble parents. His wisdom and distinction in battle earned him rapid advancement in the service of the Empire: in time he was appointed commander of all the Roman forces in Thessaly, and Proconsul of Hellas…

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12 works, Today, July 28th, is Saint Eustace’s day, his story thru art #209

Saint Eustace (1)
Unknown artist
Saint Eustace, c. 17C
Patmos island
I have no further description of this artwork at this time

Saint Eustace, also known as Eustachius or Eustathius in Latin, is revered as a Christian martyr.

In the 13th century French tradition of the narrative, it begins with Placidus (Eustace’s name before he was baptized) hunting, and while hunting, he follows into woods a deer which causes Placidus to separate from a group of hunters…

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