05 works, Today, October 23rd, is Saint Macarius’ day, his story illustrated #294

Unknown artist
Macarius of Rome

I have no further description, at this time

One day, the cave where holy ascetic Makarios lived was found by three monks from the Monastery of Saint Asclepius in Mesopotamia. Sergius, Hyginos and Theophilos had left the monastery in order to wander through the world, seeking a sign from God…

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07 Works, Today, February 27th, is St. Macarius’ Day, With Footnotes – #57

St. Macarius, Archbishop of Jerusalem (1)
St. Macarius, Archbishop of Jerusalem

Macarius of Jerusalem; was Bishop of Jerusalem from 312 to shortly before 335, according to Sozomen. He is recognized as a saint within the Orthodox and Catholic churches. As with many saints from that early period, there is very little information available about him. What we do know is that Macarius was named bishop of Jerusalem in the year 314. He was noted for his defense against the heresy of Arianism (denial of the divinity of Christ). Macarius was evidently present at the Council of Nicaea, since he was one of those who signed the documents from that Council…


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