16 Works, Today, June 11th. is Joseph Heintz the Elder’s day, his story, illustrated with footnotes #159

Joseph Heintz the Elder (1564–1609)
The Rape of Proserpina, circa 1595

Oil on copper
63 x 94 cms | 24 3/4 x 37 ins
Gem‰ldegalerie, Dresden, Germany

Proserpina, or Proserpine is an ancient Roman goddess whose cult, myths and mysteries were based on those of Greek Persephone and her mother Demeter, the Greek goddess of grain and agriculture. The Romans identified Proserpina with their native fertility goddess Libera, daughter of the grain and agriculture goddess Ceres and wife to Liber.

Venus, in order to bring love to Pluto, sent her son Amor (also known as Cupid) to hit Pluto with one of his arrows. Proserpina was in Sicily, at the Pergusa Lake near Enna, where she was playing with some nymphs and collecting flowers, when Pluto came out from the volcano Etna. He abducted her in order to marry her and live with her in the underworld of which he was the ruler.,,

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