Salvador Dalí’s 12 Apostles (Knights of the Round Table) Suite of 12 Lithographs c. 1972, with footnotes

Salvador Dalí
The Twelve Apostles (as Knights of the Round Table) (F. 180-81; M. & L. 1504-1515), c, 1977

lithograph in colors with embossing and foil on Arches paper
Private collection

Though there is some discussion surrounding the identification of the figures, they are accepted to be: Christ, James the Lesser, James the Greater, “The Watcher” and Saints Andrew, Mark, John, Peter, Thomas, Jude, Matthew, and Phillip

Identification has been made by examination of the images for symbols associated with each of them. More weight has been given to tradition than to theological scholarships because Dali would not have been aware of the latter…

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