09 works, Today, October 28th, is Judas Cyriacus’s day, his story illustrated #299

Adam Elsheimer, 1603 – 1605
The Altarpiece Of The Exaltation Of The True Cross

The Digging for the Cross (bottom middle left), c. 1603 – 1605
Oil on copper
w107 x h133.6 cm
Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main

Judas Cyriacus (Cyriacus of Ancona, Cyriacus of Jerusalem, Quiriacus, Quiricus, Kyriakos); d. ca. AD 360, is the patron saint of Ancona, Italy. He is said to have been the bishop of Ancona who died or was killed during a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Judah Kyriakos was the last in the desposynic line for that post, his predecessors also being descendants from the family of Jesus…

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