22 Works, Today, June 14th. is John Frederick Lewis’ day, his story, illustrated with footnotes #162

John Frederick Lewis (1804–1876)
A Syrian Sheik, Egypt, c. 1856

Oil on panel
H 43.1 x W 30.4 cm
The Fitzwilliam Museum

Leaving Rome early in 1840, Lewis travelled to Constantinople, seeing Albania, Corfu, Athens and Smyrna en route. He spent the best part of a year in the Levant, but in November 1841, at the age of thirty-six, he sailed for Egypt.

John Frederick Lewis RA (London 14 July 1804–15 August 1876) was a British Orientalist painter. He specialized in Oriental and Mediterranean scenes. He lived for several years in a traditional mansion in Cairo, and after his return to England in 1851 he specialized in highly detailed works showing both realistic genre scenes of Middle Eastern life and more idealized scenes in upper-class Egyptian interiors with little apparent Western influence…

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