03 works, Today, October 9th, is Saint Denis’ day, his story illustrated #281

Henri Bellechose, (1415–1440)
Saint Denis Altarpiece, c. 1416

Tempera, gold and panel on canvas
Height: 162 cm (63.7 in); Width: 211 cm (83 in)
Louvre Museum

Saint Denis (a westernization of the the Greek Dionysius), ca. 258, was one of seven bishops sent to Gaul by the Bishop of Rome during the reign of the Emperor Decius. Their mission was to extend the spread of the Gospel in that mostly-pagan land. While most of the bishops were sent to major settlements, St Denis was assigned to the small, remote pagan town of Lutetia — which later grew to become the city of Paris. He and his companions settled outside the town in a house given to him by a convert, where the few Christians could meet in secret. Soon, through the holy bishop’s grace-filled preaching and his many miracles, Christianity grew rapidly.

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