39 Works by Old Masters Artists Embedded with Helen of Troy, with Footnotes

Gustave Moreau (1826–1898)
Hélène à la porte Scée./ Helen at the Scaean Gate, c. 1880s

Oil on canvas
height: 72 cm (28.3 in); width: 100 cm (39.3 in)
Musée Gustave Moreau

Throughout his career, Gustave Moreau showed remarkable fidelity to the character of Hélène de Troie by devoting an exceptionally rich ensemble to her. Main rival of Salomé in the heart of the artist, the most beautiful woman of antiquity appeared in his work in 1852, then returned triumphantly in the company of Galatea on the occasion of the last Salon of the painter in 1880. More on this painting

Helen of Troy has inspired artistic and cultural works for nearly six centuries. The following works cover various media to include items of historic interest, enduring works of high art, and recent representations in popular culture. They represent portrayals that a reader has a reasonable chance of encountering rather than a complete catalog…

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09 works, Today, December 1st, is Saint Eligius’ day, his story, illustrated #334

Saint Eligius, aka Saint Eloy, (June 588–1 December 660 AD) was chief counsellor to Dagobert I, Merovingian king of France. Appointed the bishop of Noyon-Tournai three years after the king’s death in 642, Eligius worked for 20 years to convert the pagan population of Flanders to Christianity…

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Sandro Botticelli, (1445–1510)
Miracle of St Eligius, between 1490 and 1492

Tempera on panel
Height: 21.0 cm; Width: 269.0 cm
Uffizi Gallery, Florence
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