15 Classic Works of Marine and Seascape Paintings, with footnotes

Arthur Joseph Meadows
Fishing vessels in rough weather, c. 1874

Oil on canvas
46 x 81cm
Private collection

Arthur J. Meadows (1843–1907) was born within a family of painters. His father James Meadows, Sr. instilled in him a technical appreciation for accurate coastal views of Europe, and young Arthur set out to see and paint as many as he could find.

Traveling extensively throughout England, Holland and France, Meadows also took to the Mediterranean Ocean and the various sights and locales of Italy, Greece and the islands. He excelled in capturing local color and detail all within a soft, subtle palette that offers peaceful realism and emotional content to his artworks.

Meadows was very successful financially with his art in his lifetime and gifted works to many private individuals and other artists that he befriended. His upper society lifestyle enabled him to be quite active in early humanitarian efforts, and he was involved in the British and Foreign Anti-Slavery Society in the mid-Victorian Age. More on Arthur J. Meadows

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