06 works, Today, August 7th, is Saint Secundus’ day, his story illustrated #219

Bernardo Strozzi (1581–1644) (1)
Bernardo Strozzi, (1581–1644)
St Secundus and the Angel, circa 1615/1640
Oil on canvas
Height: 82 cm (32.2 in); Width: 101 cm (39.7 in)
Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg

Secundus of Asti (died 119) is venerated as a martyr and saint. He was a historical figure who was beheaded at Asti under Hadrian. He is said to have been a patrician of Asti and a subaltern officer in the imperial army. It is known that a church was dedicated to him in the area as early as the 9th century…

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05 works, Today, August 6th, is Saint Agapitus’ day, his story thru art #218

The martyrdom of Saint (Pope) Sixtus II and his deacons. (1)
Unknown artist
The martyrdom of Saint (Pope) Sixtus II and his deacons, 14th century
Emperor Valerian is shown directing the execution of Sixtus II, and his deacons
I have no further description of this artwork at this time

Agapitus and Felicissimus were two of the six deacons of Pope Sixtus II who were martyred with him on or about 6 August 258. These were times when a pope occupying the Roman throne, was known to choose death for the faith…

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09 works, Today, August 5th, is Saint Afra’s day, her story thru art #217

Saint Afra (1)
Unknown artist
Saint Afra
I have no further description of this artwork at this time

Saint Afra (died 304) was martyred during the Diocletian persecution. Along with Saint Ulrich, she is a patron saint of Augsburg. Her feast day is August 5. Afra was dedicated to the service of the goddess, Venus, by her mother, Hilaria…


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07 works, Today, August 4th, is Brother William Horne’s day, his story thru art #216

Vincenzo Carducci (1576–1638) (1)
Vincenzo Carducci (1576–1638)
The Martyrdom of Fathers John Rochester and James Walworth, after 1626
Oil on canvas
337.5 × 298 cm (11 × 9.7 ft)
Museo del Prado

Bl. William Horne was a Carthusian lay brother and martyr. A member of the London Charterhouse of the Carthusians, he was arrested for opposing the religious policies of King Henry VIII (r. 1509–1547), which included the imprisonment of Catholics and the destruction of monasteries. William was executed at Tyburn with two companions…

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05 works, Today, August 3rd, is Holy Salome’s day, her story thru art #215

Followers of Martin Schongauer (1)
Followers of Martin Schongauer
Crucifixion, c. 1495−1500
Salome is one of the two leftmost women with a halo.
Oil on panel
197 cm × 700 cm (78 in × 280 in)
Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Buhl, Haut-Rhin

Holy Myrrh-bearer Salome was the mother of the Apostles James and John, the wife of Zebedee, and the daughter of Joseph the Betrothed, who was a widower when he became betrothed to the Mother of God. She was a disciple of the Lord and one of the Myrrh-bearing women who first brought tidings of the Resurrection to the world. Salome was a follower of Jesus who appears briefly in the canonical gospels and in apocryphal writings…

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05 works, Today, August 2nd, is Blessed Basil’s day, his story thru art #214

Vasily Surikov (1)
Vasily Surikov
Detail; The Boyarin Morozova, c. 1887
Oil on canvas
Height: 304 cm (119.6 in); Width: 587.5 cm (19.2 ft)
State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

Blessed Basil the Fool-for-Christ is one of the most well-known fools-for-Christ from Moscow. Russians have always venerated fools-for-Christ — those who rejected outward decorum and pretended to be insane so as to hide their abilities and virtues, and condemned the world for lack of the said virtues. They were entitled to judge the world because of their spiritual prowess and pure heart…

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15 works, Today, August 1st, is Sts. Sophia, Faith, Hope and Love’s day, their story thru art #213

Martyrdom of Saints Faith, Hope, and Charity and Their Mother Sophia (1)
Unknown artist
Martyrdom of Saints Faith, Hope, and Charity and Their Mother Sophia, c. 17C
Cathedral of Our Lady of Smolensk (the Novodevichy Convent) in Moscow,
Tempura on Wood
The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

Saints Faith, Hope and Charity are a group of Christian martyred saints, venerated together with their mother, Sophia

Sophia, whose name means wisdom, lived in Rome. She was a Christian, and in accordance with her name, she lived wisely. While living in honorable wedlock, bore three daughters, whom she named after the three great virtues. The first was named Faith, the second Hope, and the third Love…

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11 works, Today, July 31st, is Joseph of Arimathea’s day, his story thru art #212

St. Joseph of Arimathea (1)
Unknown artist
St. Joseph of Arimathea
I have no further description of this artwork at this time

Joseph of Arimathea was, according to all four canonical gospels, the man who assumed responsibility for the burial of Jesus after his crucifixion. He was a wealthy member of the Jewish Sanhedrin and a secret follower of Christ; which is why he did not join in the Council’s actions against Jesus…

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11 works, Today, July 30th, is Martyr Mamas’ day, his story thru art #211

St. Mamas the Great Martyr (1)
Elder Hadji-Georgis
Saint Mamas Martyr of Caesarea
I have no further description of this artwork at this time

The Holy Great Martyr Mamas was born in Paphlagonia, Asia Minor in the third century of pious and illustrious parents, Theodotus and Rufina. The parents of the saint were arrested by the pagans for their open confession of their faith and locked up in prison in Caesarea in Cappadocia…

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Umberto Lilloni; Venice 01 Painting of the Canals of Venice by the artists of their time, with foot notes. #79

Umberto Lilloni (Milan, 1898–1980)
Venice, c. 1946
Oil painting on canvas
40 x 30 cm
Private collection

Umberto Lilloni (Milan, 1898–1980) was an Italian painter.

Lilloni interrupted his studies at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 1917 when World War I broke out. Alternating landscape with figure painting in the 1920s, he received his first official recognition with the Prince Umberto Prize in 1927. His participation in the Venice Biennale began in 1928 with the 16th Esposizione Internazionale d’Arte della Città di Venezia. Involvement with the Novecento Italiano movement led to participation in their second group show in Milan in 1929. The influence of Chiarismo can also be seen in the gradual lightening of his palette. His first solo exhibition was held at the Galleria Bardi, Milan, in the same year. While the 1930s saw increased participation in exhibitions, including the Rome Quadrenniale and the Brera exhibitions at the national level, the art world showed less interest in his painting after World War II. More on Umberto Lilloni

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