Oskar Moll, Reader with a red jacket (portrait Ursula Waetzoldt) 01 Paintings, PORTRAIT OF A LADY, of the 18th & 19th C., with Footnotes. #32

Oskar Moll, reader with a red jacket (portrait Ursula Waetzoldt), 1925

Oskar Moll

Reader with a red jacket (portrait Ursula Waetzoldt), 1925

Oil on canvas

100 x 75 cm

Private collection

This portrait depicts Ursula Waetzoldt (1910-1983), the daughter of the art historian Wilhelm Waetzoldt (1880-1945), who was a friend of the Mollers. Wilhelm Waetzoldt spent his formative years in Berlin, where he worked since 1920 in the Prussian Ministry of Culture and from 1927 to 1933 as Director General of the National Museums in Berlin.

The portrait of the bright young lady with emerald eyes and typical hairstyle was created during a stay in Levanto in the region of Liguria. Oskar Moll stayed there between 1922 and 1926 regularly during the summer months. More on this painting

Ursula von Gersdorff (nee Waetzoldt, also: Countess Vitzthum of Eckstädt , born October 2, 1910 in Hamburg , † August 6, 1983 in Kampen ) was a German military historian , who worked as an editor at the Military History Research Office.

Ursula Waetzoldt was the daughter of the art historian Wilhelm Waetzoldt, Director-General of the Prussian State Museums .

She studied with the military historian Walter Elze  in Berlin and in 1937 at the Georg-August University of Göttingen. Thereafter, she worked as a consultant in the Reich Ministry of War in Berlin.

In 1941 she was heir to the Vitzthum von Eckstädt Castle in Tiefhartmannsdorf . After her first husband had fallen on the Eastern Front, she married in 1949 Rudolf von Gersdorff.

From 1958 to 1977 Gersdorff worked as a historian and editor at the Military History Research Office (MGFA) in Freiburg im Breisgau; on the historical research of women in military service. She received much attention in journalism and history. Historian Nicole Kramer pointed out that Gersdorff’s “Pioneer Study” ( Women in War Service, 1914-1945 ) predates the onset of women’s Gender Studies.

Her other works include anthology History and Military History. She was co-editor of the series Bibliotheca Rerum Militarium and also published articles in series or journals such as Military History Communications , Wehrwissenschaftliche Rundschau , Francia and Annual Bibliography of the Library of Contemporary History .

Von Gersdorff was buried in the cemetery Keitum on the island of Sylt in the district of Nordfriesland . She had “worked hard at the founding of a ‘modern’ military history science or its orientation to the general science of history. More on Ursula Waetzoldt

Oskar Moll, BORN 21 Jul 1875, Brieg, Schlesien – DIED 19 Aug 1947, Berlin) studied biology in Basel, Geneva and Hannover before he taught himself painting. In Berlin Lovis Corinth became his teacher and he worked for him in his studio. In 1906 he married his pupil Margarethe Haeffner. They went to Paris in 1907 where they met Matisse. They helped Mattise found his Académie Matisse, that existed until 1911. They bought 15 works from Matisse, at that time the largest private Matisse collection in Germany.

In 1918 Moll obtained a professorship in Breslau. He was the director of the Academy there from 1925 until it closed in 1932. He moved to the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf in 1933 but he was fired by the nazis in 1936. His work was shown at the Entartete Kunst exhibition in 1937.

After his house in Berlin was bombed in 1943 he lived together with his wife in his native Brieg. They returned to Berlin in 1945 and he died there in 1947. More on Oskar Moll

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