04 Works, RELIGIOUS ART – Contemporary Interpretation of the Bible! With Footnotes – 7


Fernando Botero

Prisoner With Thorns

in the manner of Fernando Botero “Prisionero Con Espinas” pastel on paper circa.2002, private collection Approx. 50x35cm. in the manner of Fernando Botero is a Colombian artist known for creating bloated, oversized depictions of people, animals and elements of the natural world. Botero left matador school to become an artist, displaying his work for the first time in a 1948. His subsequent art, now exhibited in major cities worldwide, concentrates on situational portraiture united by his subjects’ proportional exaggeration. More Fernando Botero



Worship without Sacrifice 2 (Catalyst Series), 2011

Photograph on Lustre paper

18 × 12 in, 45.7 × 30.5 cm

Private Collection

Geraldine Rodriguez Photography is a Chicago-based, art and fashion photography boutique offering signature services for clients, ranging from musicians and fashion designers to anyone wanting to transform their life experiences into timeless art. We redefine photography by drawing inspiration from core elements of expression: art, music and fashion. Geraldine Rodriguez Photography utilizes the incomparable talent of our creative team to provide the most conceptual, artistic and amazing images for all clients. We develop concepts using the client’s individuality as the foundation. Our team is spearheaded by fine art photographer Geraldine Rodriguez who portrays powerful messages and images through a medium universal to all-visual expression. More on Geraldine Rodriguez Photography


 Kala Madriz

Petare Crucifixion

Sony World Photography Awards 2017

In the El Nazareno neighborhood of Petare, the Via Crucis de Jesus takes place. There, the dramatization of the way of Christ to the place of his crucifixion consists of a long tour of the community, which includes ups and downs, narrow streets with cars and parked motorcycles that hinder the walk of the spectators, until everything ends in a area called El Morro, site where the event happens. More on the Petare Crucifixion

Merton Simpson, Del Nino Jesus. 1948.

Simpson, Merton D. (America/ Africa, 1928-2013)

Del Nino Jesus, c. 1948

Oil on canvas.

  1. 20″ x 24″

Private collection

The Niño Dios (literally Child God) of Mexico is a tradition of venerating the Child Jesus in Mexico which has taken root from the time it was introduced in the 16th century and then syncretized with pre-Hispanic elements to form some unique traditions. Mexican Catholics have their own images of the Child Jesus, which is honored and celebrated during the Christmas season, especially on Christmas Eve and on Candlemas (2 February). More on Del Nino Jesus

Merton Daniel Simpson (September 20, 1928 – March 9, 2013) was an American abstract expressionist painter and African and tribal art collector and dealer. Simpson was born in Charleston, South Carolina. Between the ages of six and 11 he spent much of his time in and out of hospitals receiving treatment for diphtheria and rheumatic fever. During this time he started to doodle and sketch to pass the time. His interest in art grew and he began drawing and sketching in earnest. At the age of 13 Simpson was discovered by local artist William Halsey who took Simpson under his wing. For the next four years, Halsey taught Simpson the basics of painting and introduced him to the concept of abstract art. Jean Robertson Fleming, another local artist, was also instrumental in discovering Simpson’s talent and helping him hone his skills.

After four years in the service, Simpson went back to NYU to resume his work. In 1951 his work appeared in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art and in 1954 his work was displayed in the Younger American Painters exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum. As his reputation grew his artwork made exhibitions at a number of galleries in New York City and even Washington, DC. More on Merton Daniel Simpson

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