11 Paintings, PORTRAIT OF A LADY, with Footnotes. # 13

The Hon John Collier, (British, 1850-1934)

Mrs Dalahaye 

Oil on canvas

131 x 84cm (51 9/16 x 33 1/16in)

Private collection

Ina De La Haye, neé Fedosia Merkel, was a Russian born actress and singer. Born in St, Petersburg in 1906, Fedosia and her younger brother Ilya fled Russia following the Revolution. By 1921 she was working as a correspondent for a journal in Riga, Latvia, and by 1924 she had entered London society.

Fedosia married Colonel J. V. De La Haye and, under the name of Ina De La Haye worked as an actress, appearing on the stage and in numerous films and television roles from the late 1940s until the early 1970s. 

Ina De La Haye is known for her work in television on “The Six Wives of Henry VIII” and in film on “Anastasia” (1956), “Give Us This Day” (1949), “I Am a Camera” (1955), “Isadora” (1968), “Rob Roy, the Highland Rogue” (1954), “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes” (1970) and “The Spanish Gardener” (1956).

She died in 1972 in Ticehurst, England. More Ina De La Haye, neé Fedosia Merkel

The Honourable John Maler Collier OBE RP ROI (27 January 1850 – 11 April 1934) was a leading English artist, and an author. He painted in the Pre-Raphaelite style, and was one of the most prominent portrait painters of his generation. Both his marriages were to daughters of Thomas Henry Huxley. He studied painting at the Munich Academy where he enrolled on 14 April 1875 (Register: 3145) at the age of 25. More


Artist Unknown

Russian engraving of Laskarina Bouboulina, heroine of the Greek War of Independence

19th century

Museum Bouboulina

Laskarina BouboulinaA member of Greece’s Arvanite (Albanian-speaking) minority, Laskarina Bouboulina was born in 1771 in a prison in Constantinople, where her whole family was jailed for her father’s role in an uprising against the Ottoman Empire.  Later, Laskarina married a wealthy ship owner, Dimitrios Bouboulis, who was shortly after killed by Algerian pirates.  Ottoman authorities attempted to confiscate her late husband’s wealth, including a shipping fleet featuring the warship Agamemnon.  

Portrait of Bouboulina

National History Museum, Athens, Greece

She put herself under the protection of the Russians—at the time waging the Turko-Russian War—who whisked her away to the Crimea to train her in naval tactics.  After Russia’s victory, Laskarina joined the Greek underground and led the Agamemnon into several battles, helping Greece win its independence in 1822—when she was 50 years old.  Bouboulina died on 22nd May 1825, shot in a dispute with the Koutsis family  after her son had eloped with one of their daughters. Bouboulina became a national hero, one of the first women to play a major role in a revolution. More Bouboulina

André Derain, 1880 – 1954


Oil on canvas

Private collection

Maria Lani (Maria Jeleniewicz; 24 June 1895 – 1954) was an aspiring film actress and artists’ model. In the late 1920s she was portrayed in paintings and sculpture by over fifty artists, including Bonnard, Chagall, Cocteau, Derain, Matisse, Rouault and Suzanne Valadon.

Maria was born in and raised in Poland. She went to Paris in the Spring of 1928 and proclaimed herself to be a silent film star who had worked in Berlin. Together with her husband, Maximilian Abramowicz, and her brother, Alexander, the trio claimed to be working on a film which required multiple portraits as part of the plot. She befriended Jean Cocteau who enthusiastically endorsed the project and with his encouragement, fifty-nine artists made portraits of her.

A limited edition book about Lani and the portraits was published in 1929 by Éditions des Quatre Chemins, Paris with essays by Cocteau, Mac Ramo, and Waldemar George. It included fifty-one plates of reproductions.

The film never materialized, but the portraits were exhibited as a group in Europe and the United States, and Lani and Abramowicz kept them in their possession. In 1941 they moved to New York City where she worked at the Stage Door Canteen, a recreational center for servicemen. They returned to Paris after the war where she died in 1954 and was buried in a pauper’s grave. More Maria Lani

André Derain (10 June 1880 – 8 September 1954) was a French artist, painter, sculptor and co-founder of Fauvism with Henri Matisse. Matisse persuaded Derain’s parents to allow him to abandon his engineering career and devote himself solely to painting; subsequently Derain attended the Académie Julian.

Derain and Matisse worked together through the summer of 1905 in the Mediterranean village of Collioure and later that year displayed their highly innovative paintings at the Salon d’Automne. The vivid, unnatural colors led the critic Louis Vauxcelles to derisively dub their works as les Fauves, or “the wild beasts”, marking the start of the Fauvist movement.

Derain’s work began overtly reflecting his study of the Old Masters. In 1914 he was mobilized for military service in World War I. After the war, Derain won new acclaim as a leader of the renewed classicism then ascendant. With the wildness of his Fauve years far behind, he was admired as an upholder of tradition. 

During the German occupation of France in World War II, Derain lived primarily in Paris and was much courted by the Germans because he represented the prestige of French culture. Derain accepted an invitation to make an official visit to Germany in 1941. Derain’s presence in Germany was used effectively by Nazi propaganda, and after the Liberation he was branded a collaborator and ostracized by many former supporters. More

Albert MARQUET, Bordeaux (Gironde), 1875 – Paris (France), 1947

La femme en bleu

Titre attribué : Portrait de Maria Lani, c. 1928

Oil on canvas

56 x 45 cm

 MAM City of Paris

Albert Marquet (27 March 1875 – 14 June 1947) was a French painter, associated with the Fauvist movement. He initially became one of the Fauve painters and a lifelong friend of Henri Matisse. Marquet subsequently painted in a more naturalistic style, primarily landscapes, but also several portraits and, between 1910 and 1914, several female nude paintings. More

Albert MARQUET, Bordeaux (Gironde), 1875 – Paris (France), 1947

The blonde woman (blond woman on a Spanish shawl background), c. 1919

Oil on canvas

98.5 x 98.5

Musée National d’Art Moderne , Centre Georges Pompidou

Albert MARQUET, Bordeaux (Gironde), 1875 – Paris (France), 1947, see above

Amedeo Modigliani, 1884 – 1920

L’AMAZONE, c. 1909

Baroness Marguerite de Hasse de Villers

Oil on canvas

36 1/4 by 25 3/4 in., 92 by 65.6 cm

Private collection

The subject of this painting is Baroness Marguerite de Hasse de Villers, a glamorous socialite and the lover of Paul Alexandre’s (patron and guardian figure) younger brother Jean, who commissioned this portrait of his girlfriend in 1909.  Marguerite poses in her riding habit, with her gloved hand on hip and her sly glance at the artist transgressing the boundary of her rarefied status.   The portrait proved to be one of Modigliani’s greatest challenges.  Progress was slow from the start, with a frustrated Modigliani repeatedly threatening to destroy what he had already completed.  One of the major preoccupations was Marguerite’s jacket, which Modigliani continuously reworked and recolored from red to yellow-ochre.  The resulting image was so astonishingly avant-garde that Marguerite apparently did not recognize herself.   But the prescient Paul Alexandre, whose portrait was also painted by Modigliani during this time, instantly saw the genius in this picture and acquired it for his own collection. More L’AMAZONE

Amedeo Modigliani, 1884 – 1920


Charcoal on paper

12 1/4 by 9 1/4 in., 31.2 by 26.6 cm

Private collection

Modigliani drafted many sketches for L’Amazone; however, the present work relates most closely to the finished product.

Amedeo Clemente Modigliani (12 July 1884 – 24 January 1920) was an Italian painter and sculptor who worked mainly in France. He is known for portraits and nudes in a modern style characterized by elongation of faces and figures, that were not received well during his lifetime, but later found acceptance. Modigliani spent his youth in Italy, where he studied the art of antiquity and the Renaissance, until he moved to Paris in 1906. There he came into contact with prominent artists such as Pablo Picasso and Constantin Brâncuși.

Modigliani’s œuvre includes paintings and drawings. From 1909 to 1914, however, he devoted himself mainly to sculpture. His main subject was portraits and full figures of humans, both in the images and in the sculptures. During his life, Amedeo Modigliani had little success, but after his death he achieved greater popularity and his works of art achieved high prices. He died at age 35 in Paris of tubercular meningitis. More

Eugen von Blaas, (Austrian, 1843-1931)

The Italian seamstress

Oil on panel 

40.5 x 32cm (15 15/16 x 12 5/8in).

Private collection

Eugen von Blaas was famed for depicting beautiful Italian women at work or in the company of admiring suitors. Anticipation shows a dark haired young woman leaning her elbow on a balustrade overlooking the Venetian lagoon. She dreamily gazes towards the water, where a gondola is just coming into view. The precise technique and bright palette of Blaas’ Venetian genre scenes were in tune with the Venetian tradition of painting. Famed for his depictions of everyday life in Venice, Blaas’ very commercial subjects and finely painted, vividly coloured canvases found a ready market among the wealthy travellers and tourists visiting the city. Above all he strove to capture the inherent beauty of the Italian women with vignettes of their conversations in the street or courting with lovers. More

Sir James Jebusa Shannon, RA, RBA, RHA (British, 1862-1923)

Portrait of Mrs Senior (née Hammersley) (1864-1943), c. 1899

Oil on canvas

117 x 98cm (46 1/16 x 38 9/16in)

Private collection

Mabel Barbara Hammersley (1864-1943) was one of nine children by Hugh Hammersley (1819-1882) and Dulcibella Eden (d.1903). The family lived in a large house in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey. In 1887, she married barrister Walter Nassau Senior (1850-1933), with whom she had one son, Oliver Nassau Senior (1901-1992). They moved from their London home in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, settling in Eastbourne from 1912. More Mabel Barbara Hammersley


Barbara Hammersley as a young girl.

Sir James Jebusa Shannon RA (1862–1923), Anglo-American artist, was born in Auburn, New York, and at the age of eight was taken by his parents to Canada.

When he was sixteen, he went to England, where he studied at South Kensington, and after three years won the gold medal for figure painting. His portrait of the Hon. Horatia Stopford, one of the queen’s maids of honour, attracted attention at the Royal Academy in 1881, and in 1887 his portrait of Henry Vigne in hunting costume was one of the successes of the exhibition, subsequently securing medals for the artist at Paris, Berlin, and Vienna.

He soon became one of the leading portrait painters in London. He was one of the first members of the New English Art Club, a founder member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and in 1897 was elected an associate of the Royal Academy, and RA in 1909. His picture, “The Flower Girl”, was bought in 1901 for the National Gallery of British Art. Shannon has paintings in the collection of a several British institutions including Sheffield, Derby Art Gallery, Glasgow Museum and Bradford Museum. More James Jebusa Shanno

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